DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE has the right resources to be the Leading Construction Company.


  • Human Resources
  • Machinery & equipment

Human Resources

We consider that our greatest strength is the qualifications and expertise of our work force when linked together with a singular shared vision. It is a vision that puts our client’s needs first, honors the talent dedication of individuals, and emphasizes a team oriented approach to problem solving.


With our vision intact and a new senior management structure in place, we are confident that the Arab Contractors will continue to build an organization that is capable of addressing the needs of our clients from inception to completion. Considering the Middle East and Africa as our global market place, we will continue to develop and/or acquire the manpower that is required to meet the evolving needs of our partners and clients.

Machinery & Equipment

Part of Arab Contractors competitive advantage comes from adopting efficient equipment management system , which looks mainly for minimizing downtime. This successful system is based on :


  • Development in direction of add–on– reliable equipment , and purchasing the latest technology .
  • Short – list procurement policy of internationally recognized manufacturers. Economic replacement policy , which ensures operating fleet within its profitable life time.
  • Organization structure comprises a rental department to satisfy and fulfil projects unique needs and urgent cases , in order to avoid any delays.
  • Mobile and stationary maintenance and repair workshops, besides imposition of operation and maintenance software covers all mechanical management levels.
  • Preserving equipment top performance through an overhauling plan carried out by three central overhauling workshops.
  • Recruitment of competent operators and technicians. Continuous upgrading training program. Scrap the non-profitable equipment.