Our Construction Services

DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE offers more to their clients than the typical construction company. We provide the added benefit of having in-house engineering and facility maintenance services, completing the pre and post construction services often required by owner’s, but not offered by the majority of the construction industry. With the in-house engineering services, We will ensure that the clients’ construction budget are effectively spent, while the facility management services ensures that We provides a smooth transition from a construction project to an operating facility. Unlike most general contractors, Digja infrastructure can be there long after the initial construction of your facility to provide service for your ongoing maintenance needs.


DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE provides our clients with a dynamic team experienced in a wide range of construction

Construction services Includes:

Virtual Construction
Green Buildings/LEED
Construction management
Pre construction services
General Contracting


We consider building to be a truly collaborative process. That is why we work with our clients to make sure their investment is completed as smoothly as possible. When you come to us with a project vision, we tailor our capabilities to meet your specific needs. As a full-service construction company, there is nothing we can’t build when we work together.

1. Virtual Construction

As building techniques become more complex and the levels of efficiency and quality remain the same, the use of new technology becomes critical. At W.M. Jordan, our projects include the use of Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM). These tools build, analyze and resolve issues in a digital environment prior to actual construction. We educate and train our partners and clients in these virtual technologies so that we can work together to reach our goals. We involve Virtual Construction at every stage of development.

• To establish expectations early in a project’s planning phase.
• During a project’s design phase for submitting shop drawings.
• During a project’s design phase for Clash Detection.
• After construction for facilities management.


Our clients who use Virtual Construction during project development experience these and other benefits:

• Improved project visualization and understanding.
• Increased team involvement and collaboration.
• Reduced field generated RFIs.
• Increased prefabrication of complex systems.
• Increased productivity with less rework required.
• Reduction in change orders related to coordination issues.
• Maintained expected construction durations.

2. Green Building & Leed Initiatives for Sustainability

Good for Planet
Buildings can consume precious resources and produce waste and greenhouse gases. We are at the leading edge of creating earth friendly structures that minimize both.


Good for business
Green buildings create huge efficiencies in heating, cooling and lighting. Plus they can earn tax credits and public appreciation. Green initiatives are good for the earth and good for the bottom line.


Training & expertise
Engineering News-Record ranks Digja Infrastructure among the Top 100 Green Contractors in America. Our in-house Green Building Advisory Board works with every project to identify and implement recognized green initiatives.

3. Construction management

Digja Infrastructure Company offers construction management services, both at-risk and agency, to help our clients maximize their investment. We consider this relationship to be a partnership, so we take a collaborative team approach at every step of development. We use the latest technologies to make sure all stakeholders have 24-hour access to pertinent documentation. From cost analysis to basic scheduling and estimating, we manage the process to make sure your project is delivered according to your plan.

4. Design Build services

Digja Infrastructure has extensive experience in Design-Build construction. Our Design-Build team gives your project many advantages over traditional methodology.

• Single source of responsibility
• Total quality assurance
• Potential for cost savings
• Faster occupancy
• Productive team atmosphere

5. Pre-construction Services

In order to provide our clients with unique solutions at every phase of development, Digja Infrastructure tailors preconstruction to satisfy the demands of each project. Our preconstruction services include the following:

• Program Analysis for optimum use of available funds.
• Project Budget to develop and regulate scope.
• Scheduling Analysis and Development to keep the project on track.
• Document Review to check and streamline construction between trades.
• Constructability Analysis to build properly and cost effectively.
• Life Cycle Cost Analysis for long-term, cost-efficient building systems.
• Sustainability Analysis to maximize Green Design and LEED™ credits.
• Value Management to ensure every dollar reaches its maximum potential.
• Complete Range Budget Estimates to maintain budget through development.
• Prequalification Services of all trade contractors to lower risk and raise quality.
• Information Systems Analysis and Support to streamline all communication.
• Virtual Design and Construction and Building Information Modeling.
• Site Utilization Plan for efficient and safe operations with minimal disruptions.
• Phasing Options for fast-track construction and flexibility with client operations.
• Permitting Assistance

6. General contracting

Digja Infrastructure Company has been a General Contractor for a long period. Our professionals are leaders who move projects from plans on paper to places to live, learn, work or play. We continue to be financially healthy with a strong bonding capacity. Selecting Digja Infrastructure Company as your General Contractor means you get the following resources quickly and efficiently:


• Project Management, Scheduling, Job Cost Accounting, Site Supervision, Quality Control, Building Commissioning and Project Closeout.
• Knowledgeable and experienced personnel.
• Proven strategies and methods for success.
• Regional knowledge of subcontractor and supplier networks.
• Financial stability.
• Strong safety record.

Civil Construction

Transportation, Heavy & Civil Construction Projects
A strong infrastructure is the very foundation of our communities and nation. As budgets tighten, and consumer pressure demands dollars are spent more wisely, it’s important to choose a civil construction company who delivers certainty in three critical areas: schedule, cost and quality. That’s what we do.
For DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE, delivering less than the very best is never an option. The foundation of our communities depends on it.

Highway Construction by DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE

At DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE, we have extensive experience paving the way for highway construction projects across the country. We carefully manage each piece of these large civil construction projects to ensure that our work comes in on time and on budget. From highway lane expansions to new interchanges and massive additions, DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE is ready to deliver the very best.

Preconstruction Services

DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE provides a full spectrum of preconstruction services—as you would expect from one of the nation’s leading construction companies. The DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE difference lies in our ability to confidently and consistently interpret and deliver results as only a true builder can do.
Our passion for continuous improvement has inspired us to develop some of the most progressive and accurate preconstruction processes and tools in the industry.

Budget Development and Estimating
DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE’s preconstruction teams understand how critical our early estimates are to your project’s success. We practice a continuous process of cost control beginning on the day we are selected as part of the project team. From that day forward, we focus on realistic budgeting, accurate documentation and ongoing review of costs to help your maximize your budget.
Using our proprietary estimating tools and databases, as well as timely information from the marketplace, our experienced in-house team of estimators collaborates with the project team in the development of an early, accurate budget. As the design develops, we maintain a watchful eye toward the budget, providing advice as to cost, schedule and constructability, as only a true builder can do.


Value Analysis
DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE’s systematic and proactive approach to value analysis maximizes the effect of every project dollar spent and is a critical component of our process. This includes cost analysis, identification of alternatives, construction feasibility, considerations relative to labor and material availability, and effect on the project schedule. Our role is to investigate and suggest viable design alternatives that will avoid unnecessary expenditures and provide improved value and economy, while maintaining the design intent and owner goals. During the value analysis review, all expenditures relating to construction, maintenance, operation, and replacement are considered.


LEED/Green Construction
DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE encourages all clients and partners to incorporate sustainable design and green construction methods regardless of project goals. With our in-house LEED Accredited Professionals and resume of sustainable buildings, we bring an understanding of potential cost implications, as well subcontractor and vendor relationships to reach the desired sustainability or certification level.


Constructability Reviews
Based on our years of experience, the DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE preconstruction team reviews the design documents to ensure the documents are clear, the construction details efficient, and the architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical drawings are coordinated.


Virtual Design & Construction Technology,
At DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE, utilizing Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) technology provides our builders the ability to virtually model, design, visualize, estimate, plan and build before we put a shovel in the ground. From collaborating and estimating in design, to detail planning at the project level, DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE builders integrate VDC technology into our process so the project team can continually improve efficiency, constructability, quality and ultimately predictability on our projects


Project Scheduling
DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE provides a system of schedule development and continual monitoring that enables flexibility and encourages communication. DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE’s project schedules are highly accurate in projecting construction durations and extremely detailed in the amount of information we provide to the project team. Our historical data is combined with knowledge of the local contracting environment and our experience as creative builders and on-site commercial contractors. We implement principles of Lean construction into our scheduling approach to make the process highly efficient, convening regular meetings between our project staff and subcontractors to ensure schedule compliance.


Equipment and Material Procurement
During preconstruction, DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE identifies “long lead time” material and equipment purchases, working closely with the design team to develop a procurement strategy. DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE frequently procures major items of equipment prior to the start of construction as decided by the project team.


DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE has a long history as a successful self-performing commercial general contractor. We’re not just a “broker” of subcontractors-we are capable of performing the most critical work to drive the project schedule and set quality standards for the project.


Minority Mentoring
DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE has over the course of the past twenty years implemented a wide range of Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) and Small Business Enterprise (SBE) compliance programs. Our policy has always been to contract with the subcontractor who can best comply with the requirements of the bid documents and demonstrate the ability to deliver performance of the highest quality in a timely fashion.


Quality Assurance/Quality Planning
DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE’s integrated approach to quality begins in the earliest stages of a project, through preconstruction and construction and past final completion. Quality initiatives include: Building Enclosure Coordination Program, Water Infiltration Prevention Program (WIPP), Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Coordination Program, Site Specific Quality Plan and Quality Incident Reporting.


The aim of adopting the commissioning process on your project is simple-to ensure all building systems are fully functional when you occupy the facility. DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE fully integrates an owner’s commissioning process into the project through embedding your commissioning authority as part of the project team and integrating the detailed commissioning requirements from the specifications into the project through a commissioning responsibility matrix. DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE then coordinates commissioning activities as the building systems are installed, started, tested and balanced, and documented. We conduct training sessions with staff and users on the operation of all systems, as well as on going first-year involvement in the seasonal testing and training of commissioning activities to continue proper system operation