What Our Clients Say

At DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE , truth and integrity are not simply promises; they are as fundamental as the bricks and mortar of our buildings. Here, passion will always remain a powerful tool.
Don’t take our word for it—take our clients and partners. We believe that the true measure of a company’s worth is the strength and quality of its relationships.

A significant amount of our work every year comes from repeat clients—some of who have been coming back to DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE for long. It’s the highest praise they can give us and one that we particularly treasure. Rather than (continue to) talk about ourselves in glowing terms—we’d like to let our clients do the talking. Here’s just a sample…


“DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE ‘s performance on the Chino Valley Solar project for APS was extremely successful. As a result of this collaborative team effort, the project was built with exceptional quality and was delivered on-time, within budget, and with no safety incidents.”

Abhijit, Manager, Energy Innovations



“DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE has displayed a high level of collaboration while delivering an added value to the owner. They bring an innovative approach to project delivery.”



“Every member of the DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE team took this project to heart and gave their best. DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE team members’ positive attitude and work ethic resulted in a high-profile building exceeding all expectations. The owner witnessed a truly positive and enjoyable working environment between the design and construction personnel.”

Thomas Wurtz, Sr. Architect


“DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE has an exceptional track record building on the Sacramento State campus, and we were confident in their ability to work collaboratively to ensure that a project of this magnitude was delivered successfully.”


“DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE ’s ability to successfully address all changes and unforeseen challenges while adhering to the schedule was key to the project’s success.”


“We are happy to partner once again with DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE , certainly the best in the field.”


“Simply put, we wouldn’t have come close to meeting our deadlines were it not for DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE .”


“A lot of companies promise you the moon when they are trying to get your job…all I can say is the moon is shining bright over our new Center…DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE has delivered!”


“What I like about DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE is that they’re fun. Yes, they are great builders; yes, DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE ‘s preconstruction staff is great. I expect any top-notch construction firm to be those things, but what I didn’t expect was to really enjoy the process of making our new College of Law a reality. DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE ‘s team is a fun group of people and I enjoy the time I spend with them.”


The attention to detail and to safety by DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE is second to none. The communication by DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE is also the best I have seen in the business.”


“From day one, DIGJA INFRASTRUCTURE managed this project to hit a very tight deadline. The team demonstrated superb skill and dedication and was backed by a powerful, mission-oriented front office.”